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Corporate service

Services that we provide with passion

Modern city
Obsluga kororacyjna

We carry out processes of establishing commercial companies, as well as their transformation and liquidation. We provide services to companies' bodies (management boards, supervisory boards, shareholders' meetings, general meetings of shareholders) by preparing appropriate drafts of resolutions, contracts, agreements and regulations and by monitoring the obligations incumbent upon the relevant bodies. We represent management boards of companies before the Registry Courts. We provide comprehensive legal advice and support for court proceedings. We manage legal risk in the course of business activities. We draft and negotiate multilingual contracts with contractors. We develop and implement optimal solutions including capital transformations, creation of holdings, consortia and capital groups. We conduct internal corporate training and support option programs and corporate bonds. 

& innovation
Office space
Statupy i innowacje

We support founders in all phases of startup development - from the idea, through funding rounds to the exit. We guide founders through the negotiation process, from initial discussions to closing and advise on raising capital and conducting the investment process. We handle capital transactions - conduct due diligence, draft and negotiate term sheets, investment as well as shareholders' agreements. We advise on choosing the right form of business activity, create articles of association and carry out transformations, mergers and divisions of companies covered by the startup.

Creative industry
Branża kreatwna

Art market and creative industry are particularly close to our hearts. Knowing their unique needs, we offer a comprehensive service to fashion houses, advertising agencies, art galleries, architectural design studios, influencers, music and film studios as well as publishers. We create and negotiate contracts for artists and arts agencies worldwide and also represent clients in copyright and unfair competition litigation. We assist public figures and recognizable brands in resolving image crisis, draft and negotiate co-production, performance and sponsorship agreements with creators. We support in conflicts between artists and advise on all issues in the field of advertising, including product placement. We provide services for mass events, media events, festivals and concerts.  

IT & new
Brain scans
IT i nowe technologie

We advise vendors, software houses, software developers, games and mobile applications, IT start-ups and innovative products' creators. We draft and negotiate contracts for implementation of IT systems, licensing, outsourcing, support and Service Level Agreements and create legal documentation of software, including regulations and licenses.  We conduct legal audits of IT systems, mobile applications and Internet of Things products and provide opinions on technological solutions and prepare risk assessment reports including the legality of software use, acquisition of economic copyrights and rights to dependent works (vendor lock-in), or cloud computing services. We represent you in court disputes concerning IT law and negotiate contracts with resellers and publishers of video games and applications. We support buyers of IT services and equipment. Our tax advisors support entrepreneurs in the implementation of tax benefits for the IT industry (IP Box, 50% tax deductible costs).

e-commerce, GDPR

We provide personalized packages of documents for stores and internet portals (regulations, privacy policies, data processing agreements, cookie privacy policy, documents regarding withdrawal from the contract by the consumer and complaints about goods), GDPR packages (privacy policies, information clauses, personal data protection policies, registers of personal data, consents to the personal data processing) along with a periodic update service. We conduct audits of online stores' compliance with consumer law. We represent in court disputes in the field of acts of unfair competition and consumer law. We provide opinion on advertising campaigns on the Internet. We draw up and negotiate contracts with influencers. 

Własność intelektualna

We carry out tests of the registrability of trademarks and industrial designs and their registration before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization. We monitor reporting of collision markings. We represent in cases of infringement of trademark and industrial design rights. We create multilingual agreements transferring rights to trademarks and industrial designs, as well as license agreements. We negotiate and design contracts in the field of copyright, including those related to stage, film and music productions, works of art and literature. 

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